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Gifts on Fiverr for any Occasion

Looking for a gift with sentimental value? Tight on cash? Here are 5 gigs offered on that won’t hurt your wallet or your reputation. is an online marketplace where merchants offer tasks and services starting at $5. Most gigs will offer additional options for an extra charge. It’s a great place to find professional quality freelancers, and top-notch quality wackiness.


1. Puppet Messenger

Puppet Messenger

Great for your nieces and nephews, or wishing your lady good luck on her exam or job interview,

2. Simpsons Caricature

Simpsons Caricature

Who hasn’t loved those yellow characters from Springfield at some point in their life?

Simpson, Homer

We’re happy with the results!

3. Thong man

Thong Man

Nothing says happy birthday like posting an awkward custom video on your friends social media profile for all his friends and loved ones to see. What he lacks in production value… it doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t want to watch too closely anyway.

4. Stop Motion Messages

stop motion


Sentimental or gag gift, you decide.


5. Anything in the Fun and Bizarre section.

angry birds

Lots and lots of random… bizarre stuff, for the people you cherish in life.

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