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Item Worth the Investment

The Smartphone

Item Worth the Investment - the Smartphone

Okay so this seems like a silly post, I mean who doesn’t have a smartphone these days right?! Well 1/3 (of 90% of Americans who own cellphones) still rock the classic flip phone. Maybe it’s your dad or your aunt or uncle, maybe it’s you, but  with prepaid wireless plans (including data) as low as $25, you can stop playing the game that time forgot and upgrade your overall life.



Sure, data plans are an extra cost, but many prepaid carriers allow for minimal difference in price, that is easily recouped by the many benefits of owning a smartphone. Consider this 1991 Radio Shack ad in which every single device listed is now available as a free smartphone app. If you trust your family, consider signing up for a multi-line plan and splitting the cost. Cricket Wireless, at the time of this writing, offers 5 lines for $100.

“Apps can save you time and money.”


Navigation – never get lost, er rarely get lost. No longer do we have to wait by the third trashcan on the side with the movie theater to meet our friends at the mall. No longer must we have our elders struggle to give us directions when meeting them for lunch! No longer must I give examples –


Manage your Finances – Most banks offer an app to give you low balance and security notifications. You can even make deposits, saving you a trip to the bank and from some potentially dreaded small talk. Speaking of your bank account, services like Mint are great ways to make you feel like a complete screw up for spending to much at the bar on weekends, as well as other spending habits as it categorizes your purchases made with your debit card. It’s a great way to keep you accountable.

Call Mum

Keep in touch – Social Media and Email in the palm of your hands, so message your mother already.

HD video and photos

HD video and pictures – Capture and reminisce about memories within seconds.

Young handsome asian man using smartphone on gray background

Entertain yourself – Thousands of free games and novelty apps available at no charge. We recommend theCHIVE app (one of Man on a Dime’s top 10 websites on the Interweb).


Find Love – Have you heard of Tinder?


And finally, if you are in need of one more reason: Click Here


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