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Money in a Flash

Money in a Flash

We all know “stuff happens”, and when it does we may not be so lucky to have a rainy day fund lying around under a mattress. Here is a list of ways to earn some extra cash in a flash.

“You had me at blood and semen”

donate blood

When you’re blood, sweat and tears aren’t cutting it working your 9 to 5, then maybe you should consider selling some more of your bodily fluids for $30-$125 a week. Theoretically, if you donate blood and semen simultaneously you could earn almost $200 a week, but if Vince Vaughn movies are any indication of how life really works, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Blood and Plasma
If you’re over 18 and weigh over 110 lbs then you can donate/sell plasma for $30-$60 per week

Sperm Donations
Surprisingly, a company in California compensates sperm donors with up to $125 per donation and $1500 per month by donating 3 times a week! Now I know what you’re thinking… but I’m pretty sure $3,000 per month is not obtainable for obvious reasons.

Pawn Shops

Pawn Shop
Look around you, that 2nd Season of “Hung” staring Thomas Jane isn’t doing much for you anymore… probably never did. DVD’s, Tools, Electronics, Old Laptops, Video Consoles, Video Games, Cellphones, Musical Instruments, and Sports memorabilia are some of the most common items Pawn Shops will buy. If you have more time to spare though, we suggest selling these items on either Ebay, Craigslist, or Offer Up. You will make a much higher profit.

Make the Internet Work for You

Make the Internet work for you
If you haven’t read our article on how to make the internet work for you, then you should now. It may take more time and effort to sell and claim money for your stuff, but you will get more for it. Ebay, Craigslist, and Offer Up are good ways to sell fast and locally, and if you want to build a rainy day fund, we list other low investment options to consider that will boost your cash flow and take minimal start-up time and money.

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