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Vegas on a Dime

“Winning at Vegas doesn’t have to consist of Jackpots”

Sin City got it’s name for damaging your moral compass and not your finances.
Here are some tips that will ensure most of what happens in Vegas stays in your wallet.


1. Bring a Flask and a Bottle of Liquor

$15 – Wal Mart, “Viva Las Vegas Better”
Buy a bottle of liquor for the room and refills. Avoid the preposterous $6-$11 dollar domestic beers at the prestigious bars and clubs by spiking a soft drink instead. We recommend whiskey cokes.


2. Find a Promoter -

Free - Avoid Lines and Cover Charge at Night Clubs

Covers to get into a Vegas club can cost $20 – $50 dollars along with a 15 minute  to an hour wait. Unless you want to increase your chances of seeing Emilio Esteves, we suggest finding a promoter to get in for free and bypass that line. It’s easier than it sounds. Find them standing outside the Casino already vying for your attention. The best time to get on the list is in the early afternoon before they meet their quota.

If they ask you if there are ladies in your group, say “yes”!

If there aren’t any, when you get to the club later that night, scope out the line and see if you could entice some “ladies in waiting” to join your group and get in for free because… “you’re on the list.” How could that not work?!  Tip: Playfully keep it a mystery on how you got on the list for as long as possible for best results.  #ballerstatus

*Note – The cost of drinks at a Vegas club can be preposterous… so bring your flask. Newer clubs are more prone to having the best deals.

**Beware: Some promoters may entice you to join their list or pay a cover by over promising on the perks. Beware of this and mention it at the door before paying for anything. On our last trip, we were promised an open bar for a $15 cover, when we confirmed at the door, they told us the promoter lied, but they granted it anyway.


3. CVS Beers -

Domestic beers are 2 dollars and CVS is open 24 hours. An even greater option if you book your room at the ole’ Vegas Travelodge, usually the cheapest place at the strip, and right across from the CVS


4. Have a Threesome

No, not that kind (but all power to you), Bring a friend or a friend’s friend to get a gender balanced group going. Bar and club promoters love to fill their club with ladies and are more likely to offer you a deal if doing so doesn’t turn their venue into a sausage fest.


5. See a Show

Talking to promoters is another way to get cheap tickets to new shows trying to build a word-of-mouth effect and fill their seats. If you’re not set on seeing a particular show, this is a great option and alternative to the normal night out drinking on the strip.

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