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What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

What not to buy

The dollar store is a great place for a man on a dime, but tread lightly, not only are there great bargains to be found, there are also bad deals, shoddy items, terrible flavors and carcinogens. Without further adieu, here are the worst things to buy at the dollar store:


toilet paper

1. Toilet Paper – (bad deal)

The dollar rolls  run out quickly and grocery store brands are usually cheaper than a buck. Pay attention to the Square footage on the packaging to help you determine a good deal. A pack of cheap rolls isn’t bad to keep around in case of an emergency, but in most cases aren’t the best deal.


Paper towels

2. Paper Towels – (bad deal)

(see above reason for toilet paper). Paper towels are an essential item to keep in your home. Without them, you may be tempted to let spills linger and debris collect on your stove and counter tops. A tidy home feels like a pricier home.


3. Condoms – (don’t buy)

Dude…. just don’t.


pregnancy test

4. Pregnancy Tests – (don’t buy)

Buy a name brand Test. You can afford to spare $10 from all that money you’ve been saving from buying dollar store condoms. Yeah, so there are other articles to say that they work the same as name brand tests, but trust us… you could use some peace of mind right about now. If you can, buy the two pack. In most cases, one positive test won’t be enough for your psyche if the pregnancy is unplanned.

Dollar Store Meat

5. Any kind of meat or refrigerated item – (don’t buy)

I will admit to being tempted to purchase a puck of frozen shark steak one day because… who doesn’t want to tweet that they are eating shark for dinner?! But it was a ‘puck’ and steak shouldn’t cost a buck, even in puck form.


6. Expired food products – (don’t buy)


A Wheaties box with Michael Jordan donning the cover with his animated Space Jam costars is a nice bounty, except if its been 2 years since the movie was released on VHS.  Always check the expiration date.

I should have bought this…

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