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Record Player

Each month we introduce an item with a moderate cost that swiftly and easily exceeds the value on it’s price tag. This month we dive into vinyl. It’s back and trending upward. You can purchase vinyl records of your favorite bands still on the scene (which usually comes with a free digital copy for your MP3), however the real value comes from purchasing used records by classic artists, such as Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Queen,  Frank Sinatra, and Louie Armstrong to name a few.

Where to find Records on a dime – 10 dimes to be exact


Goodwills are prime spots with the lowest prices ranging from $1-$2.  Entertainment exchanges are good for finding specific albums, but they usually range anywhere from $4 – $10. Ebay is another spot, just be mindful to check your mail as scheduled until it arrives, vinyl can easily warp in hot weather (a tip from a sad soul in Arizona).



Find a Deck

Record players can be found new for under $60. Walmart has one for under $35. Target has one for under $55.  If you want to get real savvy, check your local Goodwill or thrift store; you may strike out several times, just know when it happens it was meant to be.


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Enjoy Building your Collection

We’ve all heard of the term finder’s fee, well the feeling you’ll get when you find a “diamond in the rough” is by far the exact opposite.  I cannot tell you the joy Willie Nelson’s Stardust album has brought me over the years (Best .99 cent purchase of my life!). Hunting for used vinyl is also a great way to discover or finally listen to artists you’ve heard about but are unfamiliar with. For me it was Kris Kristofferson, and Francoise Hardy, a French artist who is absolutely lovely to listen to on a Sunday morning…ahem… sorry bros.

Bonus Tips:

Buy these Records – Anything by:

  • Willie Nelson
  • Queen
  • Louie Armstrong
  • Fleetwood Mac

Get a deck with a USB adaptor, they cost roughly $30 more, but will allow you to add your favorite buys to your MP3 player or smartphone.



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