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Preview Albums on Youtube before you buy on Itunes

Saving money and music

Yeah, yeah, a lot of the stuff on this site is common sense, but we’re aiming to put a “science” behind saving money. Look at what they did with Communications Degrees. Now read this quick blurb about why you should listen to full albums on YouTube before you buy on iTunes.

No one likes to waste money, so why waste $12 on a full album when you can buy the songs you like for .99 cents? Don’t get me wrong here, it’s a great feeling to pick up an album and be wowed from start to finish. However previewing it online first, while your wasting time surfing the web or working, can ensure you don’t create a confirmatory bias to terrible bands…

We all know the dangers that can cause.




So save yourself some money, and maybe some respect in the process.


Enhance: Listen to a song or album on repeat at

1. WHILE ON YOUTUBE, Select the song or album you wish to listen to on repeat

2. Add the word ‘repeat’ to the URL after ‘youtube’ and click ENTER.


3. Enjoy and if you do, purchase the Album on iTunes.


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