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Top Free Stuff

Top Free Stuff

Our ongoing list of the best free (or nearly free) stuff to take advantage of. Stay entertained, up-to-date, and learn something new. Items are listed in no particular order.


1. The Library

Learn something new or entertain yourself. You can check out so much more than books. You can rent movies and TV shows, CDs, and books on CD.

Life hack: Check out a book on CD to listen to on your commute to work.

Fantasy Sports

2. Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a great time. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Worried that you don’t know enough about the sport? Don’t worry, the first year you can rely on the expert rankings and choose a few players from your favorite team. By season’s end you may not be in the playoffs, but you’ll wish you were and you’ll be ready for next season.

the chive

3. theChive

Probably the best site in the world.  Take a look and you’ll see why… (please come back…) Loaded with the best pics on the internet, theChive will get you that daily dose of laughter to break up the daily grind.



4. Exercise

Because why not? It’s free and we should be doing it anyways. Push ups, sit ups, and planks can get you fit around the house. YouTube is also a great source for workouts that you can follow along to. Running outside will get you your cardio. If you have a bike, cycling is a great workout too. Exercise will help you in many aspects of life, love, and happiness.

the internet

5. The Internet…

So we’re aware the Internet is not free, but the benefits and features it provides are a necessity. It’s the 21st century, you need to get yourself the internet, it’s worth the investment. Consider it a utility like electric, gas, and water. Not only will it save you time and money, it can also make you money. Here is our article on how to make the internet work for you.


get a sp

6. Smartphone Apps

With all of the free games and apps to save you time and provide free entertainment its crazy to think that 1/3 of cellphone users still rock a flip phone.  Owning a smart phone saves you time and money. Communication, navigation, entertainment, all in the palm of your hands. If you have a friend with a flip phone, send them to this link.


7. YouTube

Listen to full music albums, watch clips and full episodes of TV shows and YouTube Personalities and watch tutorials to learn just about anything.



8. Facebook

Stay connected with friends and family and get news and entertainment stream lined to your news feed. There are better things you could be doing with your time, but the benefits of Facebook definitely outweigh any monetary costs. Optimize your news feed by following positive company or celebrity pages to help keep you motivated and learning tips to improve yourself. Speaking of news feeds, follow us on Facebook for great tips on how to save money.


Enjoy Nature

9. The Park

Parks are a great place to get some exercise or for just enjoying nature. Shoot some hoops or play some frisbee golf, take in some local sporting events or have a picnic or bbq with friends.

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