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Things You Don’t Have to Buy

And where to get them...

Things you don't have to buy

Like sip stealing from the soda fountain, taking a few extra condiments from the gas station or local fast food joint never hurt anyone. Purchase your items, enjoy your meal and grab a few extra goodies for the road.

Here is a list of items that you do not have to buy, because you can get them for free. A lot of these items you can find for a dollar, but it’s nice to have an emergency supply on hand for when the going gets tough… welcome to The Doldrums.


Sugar and Sweeteners

What the heck, stuff a few few handfuls of packets into your pockets.

Get it at: Coffee shops, and gas stations.



You’ll probably rarely need honey. Even more reason not to buy it.

Get it at: KFC, select gas stations and coffee shops.


Ketchup and mustard

Ketchup and Mustard

You should grab extra packets as a back up.

Get it at: Fast food restaurants and gas stations.

salt and pepper

Salt and Pepper

Another backup for when you run out.

Get it at: Fast food restaurants and gas stations.

Coffee creamer

Coffee Creamer

Grab a handful to go after sweetening your cup.  Grabbing a few extra of these every time  you get some gas station coffee allows for some variety at home.

Get it at: Gas stations.




Grab extra when you dine in. Save the extra napkins left when you go through the drive through. We like to keep some in our glove compartment for emergencies.

Get it at: Gas stations, Coffee shops, fast food joints




Because why not?

Get it at: Gas stations, fast food, coffee shops.

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